How to calculate fire running costs

By following a few simple steps below, you will have an idea of the approximate running cost of a gas fire or stove:

1. Identify the input rating (kW) of your gas fire or stove.

2. Find out how much you pay for your gas per kW. You can do this by checking your last gas bill or contacting your gas provider. Please note that some homes have different gas tariffs.

3. You can now calculate the cost of running your gas fire or stove per hour. Please have a look at the calculation provided:
Appliance Input Rating (kW/hr) x Gas Price per kW= Cost per hour

4. Once you have determined the running cost per hour of your gas appliance. You will now be able to calculate the total running cost. See calculations below:

Total running cost = cost per hour x number of hours in use

E.g. Gas input of 4.8kw x gas price of £0.08 = £0.38 cost per hour
Cost per hour x 3 hours per evening = £1.15