OER have received more awards than any other
fireplace manufacturer…so why go anywhere else?

Our Story

Olde Englande Reproductions was created by a cabinetmaker with a passion for quality and unique design.

Exclusive designs were supplied to fireplace and furniture showrooms throughout the UK and soon after, a loyal network of approved dealers ensured a factory expansion. Trained craftsmen and time served joiners ensured the highest levels of quality and OER became recognised as award-winning manufacturers of solid timber fireplaces, mirrors and tiled interiors.

Record Breaking UK fireplace Manufacturer

Over 36 years of industry knowledge

Now, OER hold over fifteen awards, the record for any UK Fireplace manufacturer, and is still a family operation.

Our National Fireplace Awards from the industry body for quality and innovation include the entrepreneurial ‘Horizon’ award in 2009. The much coveted ‘Wise Owl’ award for lifetime achievement and dedication to the fireplace industry in 2006, amongst thirteen annual awards for innovative design. Therefore, you can rest assured when purchasing from OER that your product has been made with pride.

With over 36 years of industry knowledge, we can provide the expertise required to transform your home.